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Message from the President


I have lived in Africa for two years.
I encountered magnificent nature, relaxed time, and young people who were kind to the elderly. 
On the other hand, I also experienced a lifestyle where the meals were the same every day, politics remained the same, and there was only one religion. 
I also saw friends lamenting that they couldn't even decide who to marry.
Not being able to choose your own life, not even having a choice in the first place, that's lonely.

It's been 10 years since I returned to Japan.

We always have soy sauce from that manufacturer on our dining table.

My closet is lined with clothes from that brand.

Products from major brands can be purchased anytime and anywhere, and are attractive for their stable quality and affordable prices.

However, don't you feel lonely in a life surrounded by such products and services?


Our mission is to "leave another option."

For consumers, it's "another choice" when it comes to purchasing.

For workers, it is "another option" for how they work.

I believe that having choices enriches our lives.


Who on earth is providing such "another option"?

These are merchants, artisans, producers, and entrepreneurs who run small businesses in rural areas.

I refer to their business as a "Small & Local Business."

It's called.


Data shows that most people who want to start a business in Japan are in their 30s to 40s.

I started my own business in the month of my 40th birthday.

Leaving "another option" for the next generation.

To that end, we support the 40-40 generation who are working on small businesses.


Leaving "another option" for Japanese consumers and workers.

Leaving "another option" for consumers in Africa and around the world.

That is us Act Mirai.


leave one more option

Are you happy in a life where you only have one choice?
Are consumers satisfied with only the products and services provided by large urban companies?
Is going to a good school and working at a large, stable company the only success for a worker?

We believe that we need "another option."
That's exactly what your products and services are for small businesses in rural areas.
Furthermore, it is the way you work and live your life.

Would you like to join us in leaving another option for our future children?

Company Profile

office name

Act Mirai Co., Ltd.





business hours

Representative's name

Kunikazu Iwadate


management consulting

Business content

Regional development business/CXO agency training business/online school business/business matching business

Date of establishment

February 2022


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